Challenge: Friday, 8/21

The challenge today is to stay on schedule and write 1,000 words for each of the last three days that I wrote nothing.

The numbers 1–6 represent the 6 hours of scheduled writing from 9–12 & 1–4. The second number is where I should be at the end of the hour to be on schedule.

The true challenge is to stay ahead for all 6 hours.

1 503 221
2 1,007 364
3 1,510
4 2,013
5 2,517
6 3,020

11 am – as you can see from the numbers above I’m going to have to pick up the pace if I want to finish at 4 pm today.

I’m tired and my head feels like I’m sleep deprived. The truth is, although I’ve been getting about 7 hours of sleep time a night the last three or four days, I’ve been waking up during the night more than usual and losing sleep because of it. I probably had about 6 hours of sleep last night if I’m being generous. The days of me being fresh on 5 to 6 hours of sleep are long gone. These days 6.5 hours isn’t enough to get rid of the fuzzy headed feeling. It’s takes a solid seven hours of sleep before I don’t notice a difference in how I feel. Maybe a short nap is in order before I lose more time to this lethargy. I do believe I could write all my words between 1 and 4 if I felt more energetic. I’m not saying I will, just that it’s possible. All I know is that if I keep feeling this way, I’m certainly not going to make it to 3,000.

UPDATE: I didn’t return to writing after I stopped for that nap. It just didn’t turn out to be a good day for me and writing, although I’m glad I didn’t give in without at least trying. Two hours was certainly better than another 0 word day.