Day 1 of the 2k a day plan

Okay, it’s really a 2,192 words a day plan, but 2k a day is catchier, right? :D I thought so. (Ignore the fact that you could think I’m talking about dollars instead of words here, because we all know I ain’t talking dollars—not that I wouldn’t love it if my words per day average was actually a dollars per day average. Hell yes I would.)

Although I have nothing to report for the day, other than the fact that I wasn’t even able to start reading my books as detailed in my last post, I’m still calling July 31, 2016, Sunday, the official beginning of this plan.

So, my progress on July 31: 0 words written toward my daily goal of 2,192.

The reason I couldn’t read my book was because for some reason the Kindle app on my phone (which is the only gadget I took to bed with me) glitched out with an error on the download of the first book in the series. All 3 of the other books downloaded fine, but the 1st book wouldn’t. :o Instead of going back for my Kindle, I took it as a sign and went on to sleep. ;)