Day 15 of NANO 2014

Today I’m hoping to stick to my plan to write abut 4,750 words. :)

My first session just ended (I started considerably late, but still managed to get 666 words!). I’m a bit iffy on how much time I spent writing because I didn’t note the time when I sat down to turn on the computer and type in my password so I’m just going to say about an hour and a half. (I wasn’t intending to write. I haven’t even had breakfast yet.)

Although I’m a little under 400 words short of my first 1,000 word goal, I definitely prefer to just stick to the plan I made last night instead of trying to rearrange the schedule I made up for today.

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words) – actual: 666 words, 1.5 hours

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words) – actual: 781 words, 2 hours

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words) – actual: 971 words, 2 hours

1.5 hours (goal: 750 words)

2 hours (goal: 1,000 words)

Update (5:32 p.m.)— Oh my. I took a much, much longer break midday than I’d planned. I’m still feeling a little icky and I’m going to blame that for the time-creep today. Now, to get back on track and finish up at a reasonable bed time tonight, I need to write for 5.5 hours straight and only take breaks if I reach my goals early. :( This makes me sad because I don’t have a good any track record for this kind of uninterrupted work. I’m going to try it anyway and start my first time the moment I press the “update” button on this post.