Day 46 of No More Zero Word Days

On Day 46 I wrote 765 words and I was lucky to get those. Not because there wasn’t time (there was) but because I am in the throes of self-doubt, hypercritical self-assessment, and a general “all my books suck” frame of mind.

I also have no idea where any of my stories are going at the moment and my usual method of just going with it isn’t working. I just keeping going with it right over a cliff and I’ve deleted more in the last couple of months than I’ve deleted in the last two years prior to that put together.

Yeah. Writing is so fun right now.*

At least I’m doing some writing these days. I’ve written 30,945 words that I haven’t deleted since day 1 of my streak. Silver linings and all that. :D

*Lots of sarcasm! I apologize profusely but this is how it all came out, comma shortage and all…