Day 8 of NANO 2013

Start of Day 8 of NANO 2013
Small steps … are for weenies. :) Now, to keep from being a weenie, I have to get on the ball today and make up some word count!

Yesterday’s fun little exercise in posting my word count progress as the day went on turned out really well. I stayed more focused than I’ve been able to stay all week and I really had fun doing it. So … I’m going to do it again today.

8:00 am: 2,580
9:05 am: 3,003
10:28 am: 3,047
1:03 pm: 3,047
2:01 pm: 3,135
9:01 pm: 3,161

Between 8 and 9 I wrote the entire time, except for 10 minutes at the end when I took a short break. Today’s looking to be better than yesterday and I’m finding it a lot easier to concentrate for some reason. Although I am freezing right now and have stiff fingers to show for it.

Between 9 and 10ish a friend called so I only wrote for a little bit, not sure how long.

 Whoa! What happened to 10ish to 1?

Between 1 and 2 I’m not really sure. I feel like I wrote the whole time but that’s some terrible progress there. I seem to be stuck in a chapter and just keep cycling back through it. Not sure why.

Between 2 and 9 I didn’t write much of anything. Too much living going on. I’m very sleepy and now I’m calling it a night.

Sigh. I really expected to do better today. Tomorrow I have a block in the morning and in the evening when I can get back to it; hopefully I’ll do better!