Derailed By a Continuity Error

So, I think I’ve mentioned that I read my own books for fun, yeah? Well, day before yesterday, I did that with my newest release. Just wanted to check something and before you know it, I’d read half the book. And then I hit a continuity error that I had written into the book, and it was trivial in a way, but oh so obvious in another. I mean, I noticed it.

Usually I don’t bother fixing things in my already published titles until I have enough things to fix to make it worth my while. That’s actually only happened a couple of times, and usually when I want to do something like when I added in my link to a new email list I created. That was when it became worth the effort for me.

Not so this time. This continuity error bugged me. I thought hard about not making the change, but I couldn’t let it go.

So I did it. I deleted half a sentence and changed five or so words in another, and then I regenerated all the formats and republished the book everywhere with the corrections. I’m still in the process of formatting the paperback edition, so that’s not a concern. But I don’t really feel better for having done it.

The fact is, the level of goof in this continuity error is about what you’d see on a television show—noticeable if you’re really paying attention but not that big a deal. And there’s also the fact that I actually like the visuals of the original bit best but had to change it because of the continuity issue and there was no way around that.

Still, I fixed it and I’m not unhappy that I did. I just … actually don’t like knowing there are two different versions of my book out there now. That is where I’m having my issues.

It sounds silly, but there you have it. Part of me really wishes I’d just left the error in there and done my day’s writing yesterday instead! :o

Oh, and to make things worse, my internet kept going out yesterday, so publishing the other book and re-publishing the fixed book? It was a pain in the ass. It’s obvious I cannot be objective about this at the moment. I didn’t get to write yesterday and I regret that more than the boo-boo.