Early Start!

I’m getting an early start today. I finished reading a book this morning (yes, it’s 6:44 am as I write this). I woke up at 5:55 and started reading after falling asleep trying to finish the book last night. I pushed to finish because I was intrigued by the story enough that I knew I’d have trouble getting and staying started with my writing this morning if I didn’t get it out of my system.

But now I’m up and I’m ready to make sure I don’t get derailed before I start writing. I do well writing early in the morning when I can get started and keep myself from wanting to take a nap (usually a side effect of thinking too much and not moving around like I should early on). I need breakfast and then it’s right to finishing the novella, then on to my in-progress novel and a short story. I’m planning to write on 3 stories today. Of course that plan might change depending on what ideas start flowing but that’s still the plan!

I’m hoping to write quite a few words today (my definition of quite a few is anything over 3,000 because those numbers are so much rarer for me) although I’ll take what I can get if I actually stay focused and write. So truly if you were to say I had a goal today it would be to spend as much of the day writing as possible.