Edit is done

Holy crap, that took so much longer than I had hoped. I finally finished the edit at 9:18 pm. I worked on it all day. The problem? I apparently read at half speed or less when I’m copy editing (probably why I’m pretty good at catching mistakes) and it’s crazy slow taking my necessary fixes from Kindle to document.

Another thing I’ve noticed lately: my books are too damn long. This book is 20,000 words longer than I wanted it to be, and editing 20,000 extra words is a lot of extra work. I forget that. I definitely forgot it this time. Considering the length of the book, I probably didn’t do half bad on time.

But I don’t want to write long books! I will admit, as I read this book, it sure didn’t feel long. It almost feels too short this time and that’s… not good. The ending kind of rushes up on you. Then again, I like the ending, so who knows.

So, tomorrow will have to be the formatting and publishing. I toyed with the idea of staying up and just getting it done, but I have kids with colds right now and if those germs are floating around here, a lack of sleep is exactly what I don’t need. I want to be at my best tomorrow so I can knock the rest of this stuff out quick. If I had to do it tonight, I’d be lucky to be working at half speed. I’m tired. I’ll be back tomorrow. ;)