Editing Day Do Over

So, yesterday didn’t work well as an editing day. Sick kid and all that. Other reasons too, but why bore you? So, today, it’s an editing day do over. :)

This morning I think I finally have a title for my book. I’m also working on cover copy. The house is cool, but I’m sweating, so I might be on my way to a cold to match the one my kids had. Yuck. I must get this book ready to go before I actually get sick though, so headache, be gone!

I’m going to have a long day, because now I not only have to finish editing the book, I have to do a cover (something that often takes me two days because I hate doing it and I’m not that proficient with the software) and cover copy, and if I have time (I won’t, but I’m trying to be an optimist) format the epub with Jutoh. :D

I always plan to have a lot more time between finishing a book and releasing it, but alas, it never seems to work out that way.