Every book is different; I hate this book (not really) (maybe) (who knows?)

The last day I updated was the 23rd, so here’s a short update of word counts since then.

7/23 – 7/27

  • 1,073
  • 201
  • 788
  • 1,181
  • 961

It’s sad that I haven’t been reaching my minimum, but I’m still trying. I’m really hoping to turn my words per hour rate around because it’s been a huge part of my problem with not getting enough words every day this week. My highest was 402 wph and all the other averages are in the 300 range. NOT good at all and a sure sign that perfectionism is dogging me like a bloodhound on a scent.

I’d say I was being overly critical of everything I write, but mostly it’s that nothing feels right. Like I haven’t got a good feel for the story and I don’t know where to take it, so I spend a lot of time writing then deleting so I can go in a different direction as I try to work it out. But I still think it’s perfectionism, because I’m not trusting myself.

Also, I might need to spend a little time thinking about what this story is really about. That’s not something I usually do, but every book is different and maybe this one needs me to give it some thought. Don’t want to get set in my ways—especially if those ways aren’t doing me any favors. :)