Excited to be writing again, slow progress, and timer woes

I’ve been writing, but I keep forgetting to start the timer, so I have no idea how long I’ve been at it. It’s been excruciatingly slow going though.

I’m at 522 words for the day.

I input all the fixes I’ve had sitting around on my Kindles. I send my docs to Kindle (Kindle Fires to be specific) so I can read them on there (easier reading than on the computer) and I highlight problems to fix later. I had multiple versions of multiple docs on multiple Kindles waiting on me to get around to it. So that’s done. Docs are deleted and I actually discovered a bit of excitement for every one of my books in progress as I read through them looking for the highlights.

Then I turned to my main book, the one I’m trying so hard to finish, and I’ve been working on that problem scene again. It’s a mess. Just no other way to put it. I have no idea what was going on when I wrote it, but I do remember not liking it much at the time. It was the scene stopping me from getting back to writing back in December. I got past it in February (?) finally, but obviously I shouldn’t have ignored my issues with it. I’m paying for that now.

But now I’m going to quit forgetting to start my timer so I can at least track my speed for the rest of those 3,933 words I expect from myself today.

And all in all, I’m quite happy. I’m back at work on my books and I’m not feeling a lot of angst about it. (Yes, books. If I get stuck on this one, I’m moving to another. I’ve even opened all those files so it won’t take any effort at all. It’s really time I quit holding myself back because I’m afraid it’ll take too long to finish anything if I let myself switch projects like that. I have a much better chance of meeting my challenges if I don’t let myself stand still, so to speak.)

Next up: get to 3,933 words today in as little time as possible today.

Even without the timer to back me up, I’d say I’ve been writing for at least 2–3 hours already. That’s not great considering my word count, but when I get moving on this story again, I know I can do better.