Focus scattershot

I’ve been sticking to my schedule but having real trouble staying focused for the entire time. Today’s word count broke 1,000 only because I had a burst of inspiration in the last half hour before 4.

I’d like to keep my WIFI off for the entire time tomorrow and see if that helps. No more sneaking it on to check sales reports (or the weather). :D Just me staring at my document. Nothing else.

I’m having a lot of trouble with impulse control at the moment. One thought flits by and I latch on before I even realize what I’m doing. I’ll be out of my seat, doing something that could easily waited until it wasn’t writing time.

Tomorrow I’m going to practice impulse control. We’ll see how it goes. I’m planning to have a good night’s sleep (I went to bed late all weekend even though I told myself I wouldn’t) and see if that helps. I’ve read quite a bit of material that says bad things happen to willpower and impulse control when a person doesn’t get enough sleep. Wish me luck! :)