Forget that last post

I’m not going to add those backdated posts after all. Just looking at them made me tired. I read back through the very first of the posts I was planning to put up and concluded I was doing exactly what I started using the writing on multiple stories to avoid doing.

Here’s a quick quote from the post named “Avoidance Issues; Let’s Knock Out Those Teeth”:

This is all about harnessing my unfortunate need to take frequent breaks and making that work for me, instead of against me. I’ll be using my other projects as my breaks. When I feel myself pulling away from a story and have that uncontrollable urge to shift my attention (and it will happen, because it always happens), I’m hoping having these other projects just ready and waiting will be to my benefit. Instead of slipping away to check email or read a message or two on a forum (and end up thoroughly distracted and out of the writing zone), I’ll slip away to write on another story.

What am I doing with the blog posts? Using them to satisfy my craving for a break, because I decided to do this right after I paused after 121 words into my novella this morning.

So, not doing this! Getting back on track and doing what I need to do, which is get back to writing!