Formatting is fun

I have no idea why I like it so much but I do love formatting my books! I also finally, finally figured out the solution to an issue I’ve been having with my table of contents not working on the Kindle and me having to do all kinds of things to get it to show up properly. I always intend to write down how I fix it when I format a book and then I forget and have to try to figure it out all over again.

To get the toc I’ve already created in Word to work once I import the file into my Jutoh project, all I had to do was right-click my Table of Contents document in the project organizer, choose Projects, and then select toc for Guide type. I also unchecked Show in Table of Contents.

I’m almost positive I’ve tried this before, but if I have, it didn’t work for some reason. I always ended up having to use the table of contents wizard and try the different options until I got one of them to generate a working TOC in the Kindle. The last few times I’ve had to delete my own table of contents list and let Jutoh manage it. I don’t like that because by default the generated TOC never quite matches my formatting and that bugs me.

But no more! The quick right-click thing worked without a hitch on two different projects last night. Yippee. ;) Just in case I actually knew this at one point and forgot, I wrote it down. The fact is, I’ve read the quick start guide and basically learned everything else in Jutoh by trail and error. :D Ah well. It works!