Gathering speed, but not there yet

Yesterday I wrote 2,863 words, in 3 hours. My goal was 5 hours and 3,933 words, but I didn’t make it. I started much too late yesterday and never really recovered.

I’m hoping to do much better today! Unfortunately, I spent a bit of time this morning adding some corrections to 3 stories, found when I read through my current works on my Kindle last night and this morning. (I send to Kindle my Word docs each night when I’m working for that very reason, and highlighting mistakes works great to keep me from getting heavy handed with changes.)

I added 149 words this morning so that’s where I’m starting. I had wanted to get in 3 hours before lunch, but now it’s looking like I’ll be good to get in 2. Anyway, getting started now. Not sure which story I want to work on first, but I’ll figure it out!

Update: I never really could get going on anything, and I don’t know why exactly—I was tired, feeling fuzzy headed, blah blah—so I took a break to watch an episode of Telenovela (which I’m hoping doesn’t get canceled but I’m not holding out much hope) and ended up binge watching the entire season 2 of How to Get Away With Murder. That’s a lot of television. :o I certainly don’t plan to do that again. But no, I didn’t end up doing any more writing yesterday at all.