Goal: 1,500 words before bed

So I put off writing today because I had family home and couldn’t seem to get started while people were here. I’ve had two hours since but still haven’t been able to get started so I thought I’d post this in hopes it would jiggle loose my motivation and get me focused. :-)

Right now the goal is to get 1,500 words before bed. I started this post at 9 PM but somehow it’s now 9:45 PM so I’m not sure it’s realistic to expect 1,500 words. On the other hand, I need them, so maybe I’ll just have to do it anyway.

Let’s say 750 wph with a timer set for 2 hours. That could still put me in bed around midnight if I don’t get distracted again. I can do midnight. I’ll be back as soon as I need a break to update with my progress.