Going to Back off on the Planning Posts

Well, blogging the writing stuff is helpful sometimes, and other times, it’s just boring. :D

I think I’m going to back off on the planning posts and no more zero word days posts for a while. I will definitely still update my yearly word count on my progress page and I might even do weekly word count updates or something—not sure yet about that.

It’s not that the planning posts take that long, maybe 15 to 30 minutes tops to put together and another 10 or so for the updates each time (that’s accounting for opening the browser, loading the page, checking for errors and fixing typos I notice too, but it does take some time to do those things.

And it’s not that the no more zero word days posts are a bother either. I just don’t see the point, tbh. We all know I’m the only one reading these posts, and writing them has gotten kind of boring lately. :D