Have I Mentioned That I Procrastinate?

I procrastinate on a lot of things, not just writing.

So, today’s the deadline for the health insurance stuff at Healthcare.gov. I have health insurance, but I’ve been debating the benefits and cost of the different plans in the marketplace. Many offer better benefits than those I currently have, although even for the least expensive plan that has almost no additional benefits over my current high-deductible plan, it’s still more costly.

So basically I’m one of those people who aren’t benefiting from lower premiums in any way. I get the same coverage (nearly) for about twice the price. Yeah. You can see why I’ve been  in a hurry to get this done.

Anyway though, I decided I might want to go ahead and pay up for a plan that meets the requirements or I’ll just have to do this next year when my plan expires. I’ve already been warned that when my renewal date comes up I’ll have to choose another plan. And I’ve just about decided that at my age, it might not be a bad idea to get more coverage.

But of course, today is the last day to sign up, so the website isn’t working. And of course, although I started my enrollment well over a month ago, I did wait until today, the last day, to finish it up because that’s just the way I roll. :D Guess I’ll keep trying as the day goes on…