Hit a Wall…

I started out weak today, writing only 1,601 words in about 3 hours. Hit a wall, and reacted by taking lunch and watching television. One quick episode of Bitten turned into the rest of the season, and when that was over, I migrated to catching up with season 3 of Revenge.


I have to say, I like Bitten, except when I don’t. I kinda hate the female lead. She kind of sounds like someone’s holding her nose while she talks. And I feel mean for mentioning that, but it truly is the reason that character annoys me. The voice. It’s all about the voice.

Logan is my darling on that show, although I admit to a certain appreciation of Jeremy, Nick, and Clay, in that order. Although let me be honest, I kind of thought Nick was going to turn out to be a gay werewolf and then that never happened. :D Philip was a cutie, but honestly, that storyline was played up way too much for what happened in the end. I know cliffhangers and shock value are important for these kinds of shows, but yuck. I was just disappointed.

Now, the other shocking revelation? I’m sorry to say that reveal wasn’t that shocking. I have no idea what gave it away, but three episodes from the end, I started to have a strong suspicion that what was going to turn out to be true, would turn out to be true, and oh, boy, I was exactly right.

Back to Philip though. What a waste. There were so many other chances for something to have happened to make an impact and yet… there you go. Throw it in at the end to fulfill the gore quotient. I mean, she’d already made her choice! How did that accomplish anything? Here’s hoping they do a Bobby Ewing or something and have those last thirty seconds be nothing but a bad dream. Doubt I’ll get my wish, but I’m making it anyway. :)

As for Revenge, well, Emily has become quite unsympathetic to me and I often find myself rooting for Victoria as often as Emily these days. If not for Nolan and Aiden, I might be tempted to jump ship (lol) but I do like some of the characters on that show and they keep me watching even though the underlying premise is starting to wear. I want to see someone important go down! Soon! And I just googled spoilers for the rest of the season I’m watching and it looks like I might not be disappointed. Then again, I’ve now lost all interest in watching the remaining episodes, so there ya go.

I love spoilers but they do sometimes make me less interested in a show, especially if the only thing keeping me watching is my desire to know what happens next. These are the probably won’t watch these episodes a second time shows. When there’s more going for a show for me than the simple desire to just know what happens, those are the shows that I rewatch. Sometimes so many times I even lose track. The sad news is that these shows are much rarer these days. I don’t know if it’s a change in me, or a change in the shows. But I’ve seen the episodes of SGA, SG-1, Voyager, ST:TNG, Grimm, and a few others many more than once. What is it about those shows that makes them rewatchable? I have no idea. Wish I did, because then I’d write all my books that way. :D

Gah. I clearly watched entirely too much television today.

But back to the real business here and that’d be my writing. I need some good ideas to get this story moving again. Boo hoo. Why can’t I think of anything fun to throw in? This deadline is going to kill me if I don’t get moving again.

Ah well. It’s 11:51 12:28 am (where’d the time go?!) and I’ve got to come up with something or I’m decidedly not going to make my quota the next few days. That would be really, really bad news for me. :o