I finished that book

All those things I needed to finish day before yesterday? I finished the book—that was about all I got done. I didn’t finish the edit (although I did start it), and just as I suspected, I didn’t get to do anything on the publishing side of things yesterday. Oh, I got three more pages copy edited, but seriously, I’m going to have to redo them today because I can’t even remember where I’m at in the story. Yesterday was much more stressful than I expected. My anxiety levels were through the roof! :o

So, today, the plan is to do all those things I needed to do the day before yesterday and didn’t finish.

If all goes well, I’ll get this thing published by the end of the month yet. :D

I so look forward to returning to my schedule tomorrow. If I get close enough to done today, that’ll be the plan for tomorrow, and any lingering publishing tasks can fill in the time before and after the schedule.