I should stop making predictions

I should stop making predictions about my days because I invariably get it wrong. Yesterday wasn’t a good writing day, not because it couldn’t have been but because I just didn’t get much written.

Today is going better, but a bit slow. I’ve managed to make it to 325 words in about 2 hours, after deleting bits and pieces here and there in the last few chapters. I actually think the story in this book is done. I’m just having trouble wrapping it up so it feels done.

I needed the break so I wrote this, but I should get back to it. I’m hoping when I come back to the blog it will be to say I’m done.

I really want to get back to one of the other books I’m writing. I’m about 13,000 words in on the one I’m most anxious about and I’m far enough from the end that the writing should go a lot faster than the writing I’ve been doing on this one.