I spent 6 hours on WHAT?

I finally finished that new ebook style set—6 hours after I started at 9 a.m. OMG. I must have been in flow, or the zone, or something, because I’m telling you, it felt like an hour, two tops.

But no. 6 hours. 6 whole hours. I finished at a few minutes before 3, and I know that because I responded to an email from my daughter and then started my exercise. Had lunch. Now I’m feeling all nap-ish, so I think I’ll rest for a few minutes before I start on the writing I want to do today.

It wasn’t all wasted time, despite the fact that obviously I let my inner perfectionist run rampant this morning. I now have a reformatted novella (first in the series) ready to be turned into a fabulous ebook by Jutoh.

I’ve recently started uploading a properly formatted mobi to KDP instead of my docx files, just because it seems to make a nicer ebook. The docx conversion always looks nice, but quite often, the NCX doesn’t work.

The NCX is what gives me the working Go To button on my Kindle Fire and in Aldiko* that will let me choose from any chapter or section of my book that’s linked in the table of contents. I use this for fiction more than I thought I did, something I discovered when I started trying to read more fiction books. I read the same book on different devices, and the Go To menu is the quickest way to get to the right spot in a book when I’m switching to my smartphone to read while I exercise. :D

Anyway, I’ve dragged this post out long enough! I need to either nap, or write, or nap and then write. Whichever. See ya!

*Aldiko has directions on how to install Aldiko on a Kindle Fire. No longer available. However, the Aldiko Book Reader Premium app is now compatible with most Kindle Fires and Fire tablets so you can just get it from the Amazon app store.