I’m warming up

It’s later than I’d like. Shortly after 8 am. I did get up early at 6:30 am, but somehow after breakfast and … whatever, it’s now over an hour and a half later. I’m taking the last few bites of my apple and then I’m going to start my 5 hour block and my 4 hour timer. Hopefully my breaks won’t use up the entire extra hour and I’ll finish closer to noon than 1 pm.

Won’t know til I try. :)

My goal’s a stretch but I’d rather have a stretch goal than settle. I have a tendency to pull up short no matter what my goals/expectations are. At least if the goal’s bigger and I pull up short, I still get closer to where I want to be. ;)

Goal: 4 hours, 3000 words, 750 wph
Actual: 1.23 hours, 810 words, 657 wph*

*At which point I switched how I was going forward with this, which I wrote a post about. :D