It wasn’t a long night after all

It wasn’t a long night after all, but not because I finished quicker than I expected. Oh, no. If you thought so, then you obviously haven’t been reading this blog long enough. :D

I gave up early. I estimated the time it would take today to finish (best case scenario I’ll be done at 11 pm tonight, worst case, tomorrow at 1 pm, haha) and then I assumed I’d hit the best case scenario and went to bed. :D

I’ve been editing today for 1 hour 40 minutes, and I’ve added 558 new words during that time while editing. This makes me really chafe at how slow I’ve been writing lately. There’s no point in it. I can write faster.

Ah well. Thoughts for another time. I need to get back to that copy editing. I’m finally at 50%. ;) (1 hour of the time was writing the new material, the 40 minutes was writing some new material but mostly progressing from 47% to 50% on the Kindle progress bar for my book. At that rate… Ouch. I don’t even want to think about it. I’m hoping it’s not true.)