It’s Time to Start Writing Every Day

Hmm. Time for some conclusions!

The word count issues I keep coming up against are just a symptom of a bigger issue. Time. Time is where I’m falling short and letting myself down.

I mean, it doesn’t change the fact that procrastination is still a problem—truly, a symptom of a different issue, or that I still have to work on motivating myself, blah, blah, blah, but worrying about word counts without worrying about the amount of time I’m devoting to my writing seems very short-sighted.

There’s a solution to my word count woes and it’s a simple one. Spend more time writing. :D

My focus should be on consistently putting in more time. Back in February 2012, I had a fantastic month—a month of the most consistent writing output I’ve ever had (truly, ever). I averaged over three hours of writing a day. That kind of consistency could do wonders for my writing and my income. More practice, more published stories, more money.

If I want to be sure I put in more time consistently, then I need structure.

It’s time to start writing every day.