Just a quick post to reorient myself

I’ve been gone (vacation) and now I’m back, and although I didn’t get three 2k days in a row yet, I wanted to post a quick update to say I’m about to give it a shot, starting today. I’m hoping I’ll be back in 3 days and can post a better update. I have a ton of writing to do to catch up in October and I need to get started ASAP.

Also, my daily No More Zero Word Days streak is still alive. Yay! Vacation didn’t kill it, although I’m almost certain I had one day with just a bit less than 50 words, but since I was on vacation and wrote anyway, I’m counting it—even though I wouldn’t count it if I’d been home. I’m about to input all those words and update my daily word count spreadsheet and figure out just what I accomplished while I was gone.