Last Push to Finish Book Tonight

So, I’d kind of like to finish my book tonight. I mean, I’m days behind my deadline. So yeah, finishing would be nice. Really nice. :D I think I’m just about there, maybe a few thousand words. No guarantees, because there never are, but if I can just get moving on this ending, I think it will all fall together.

I realize starting it at 10:37 pm isn’t exactly the best example of time management. I’ve spent the day avoiding writing this to the point that I’ve been writing notes to myself in Evernote that say things like “Start the timer. Seriously. Start the timer. Right now.” And yet, I haven’t started the timer. I started this post, probably for the sole purpose of not having to start that timer.

But it’s time.

Start the timer. Come on. Right now. Go…

Yay! I started the timer. After 1 hour of writing, which has somehow managed to be 2 hours later, I have… wow. 454 words. Hahahaha…!

You know what? I think too much when I’m writing.

Also, I made a decision today to end my participation in one writer’s forum. I kind of hated to do it, on the one hand, because there are some nice people there, but on the other hand, one writer’s forum is enough of a distraction from my writing. I compared the forums and made my choice. Even so, I plan to take a one week break from the forum I didn’t leave! (Starting now. I actually felt compelled to go check one last time for PMs and topic updates, just… in… case, yikes.)

Now, I need to start that timer again. I’m not anywhere near done with this book yet. Come on. Start the timer…

And I’m back. I’m up to 864 words now, after 2 hours. I… probably shouldn’t do this but I think I’m going to turn in. I need to dwell on a few things before I write the next scene. The book is in the validation phase of the ending now, and I want to be sure I’m not missing anything. Because I feel like I might be.

So, break time. But I’ll be back bright and early in the morning so I can get this finished up.