Losing focus, not writing, and why not?

My post titles are not the best. But this one says everything I want it to say. I got started this morning on today’s writing plan, and although I started late (no real reason, unfortunately), I did get in 25 minutes by 9 am. I wrote 183 words. That’s SO SLOW at 439 words an hour.

I took a break and should have gotten back to the computer at 9:15. I lingered, though, and ended up back here at 9:23.

I haven’t been writing. When I sat down at 9:23, I closed my eyes and tried to stave off the headache that had started twinging behind my right eye. Then, after I gave up on a quick nap, I took a look at a book on Amazon, thought about sending the sample to my Kindle but decided against it, and here I am, at 10:02.

The acetaminophen I took during the break has finally kicked in and the headache is very light at the moment. I want to get back to writing, but I’m not sure I will. I’m tired and I want to write about as bad as I want to move right now—not very damn much. ;)

Besides which, the book I’m working on is in a weird place and I don’t know what to do with it. Too much focus on people other than my main characters. This book has been like that from the beginning and I’m not sure why. All I’ll say is if it doesn’t recover, I might be done with this series. I just can’t keep up the interest, and I won’t make myself write (can’t really) if I’m not enjoying it. It was an experiment, so I’m not going to agonize too much over abandoning it if it’s not working for me.

Anyway, hour #3 of morning writing is supposed to start around 10:30, so I think I’ll try a 10 minute session, take a short break until 10:30 and then get that last hour in. Even if I just tinker with the text, that’s going to be better than sitting here doing nothing but longing for a distraction.

I’m trying to exercise my willpower today and avoid most of the normal distractions: certain forums and blogs where I can read comments all day and still not run out of new comments to read. Deciding to visit those places can definitely trigger an addictive cycle of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out), and make me want to click refresh all day. So, avoid avoid avoid. That’s the plan.

If I’m feeling desperate for a distraction, I’m going to try to turn to reading some fiction instead.

I picked out a disaster book about a modern plague yesterday since nothing else has been appealing lately and surprise, surprise, I’m actually really interested in getting to sit down with this one and do some reading. I’m sure it helped that the opening started right off with someone feeling sick, which is great!, because one thing I hate is a plague story that makes me wait more than a page for someone to get ill. ;)

Anyway, time is flying and I’m now without enough time to write before 10:30 (it’s 10:27), so I’ll just do that break and then do an hour of writing before I go ahead and stop for lunch. I’m already hungry. :o

It was stupid of me to ever start that caffeine habit back up. Let’s hope the lesson sticks this time.

Goal for the next hour: Prove the caffeine wasn’t the only reason I was writing fast last week.

Update: I didn’t prove what I wanted to prove. I wrote 414 words in two separate sessions that totaled 55 minutes. That means I was writing at 452 wph, which isn’t even my average pace. Ugh. The story is bogged down again, and I just want to give up on it. I can’t do that!