Losing my patience waiting for that A/C repair

It’s 6:32 am. The forecast high for today is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the air quality alert for my area, I’m sitting with my windows open letting the house cool down. It’s made it to about 68 degrees. I’ll close them very shortly, before it warms up and hope it doesn’t get too hot in here today. I’ve been doing the same for days, and it’s been working much better to do that than to leave the windows open all day. I cool the house, close the windows and blinds, then ride out the hot temperatures, then open the windows again when it becomes cooler outside than in, usually near dark.

I am, however, going to call the repair shop again today and ask them again what the hell is taking so long. 4 weeks is 2 weeks too long to wait for a part, IMO. After looking at my calendar and realizing just how long it’s been, I’m finding I’ve lost my patience.