Making changes

I changed my website’s WordPress theme. I like this new one for the most part.

My sidebar is missing, and I miss it, but the options for themes with a sidebar were limited by my requirements and what I wanted. So I’m learning to live with it.

All the links you could find in the sidebar are now at the bottom of the page.

And the good news is that my archive pages, category and tag pages, too, now show a summary or excerpt instead of the whole post. So you can skim a little easier to find what you want, if that’s something you want to do.

I also added a new link into the top menu called “I write” to make it just a little quicker to get to some of those pages that were linked in the sidebar.

Overall, I’m happy with the change, but we shall see if I like it long-term. Sometimes it can take me a few weeks to really decide how I feel after I make a change. :)