Missed a day!

I missed my morning tea writing session today! I kept meaning to get to it, because why would I want to ruin an 11 day streak when it only costs me 25 minutes in the morning? But sure enough, I did. I missed it!

Last night’s storms left me tired and listless today. My power was out most of the night and I couldn’t seem to sleep, and when I did manage, I had vivid, ridiculous dreams about school buses and tornadoes. Yep. So today I’ve worked very hard to procrastinate. Being tired is always a risk factor for a day full of procrastination around here.

So, instead of writing, I started the day off reading one of my books, which I do occasionally for pleasure and for inspiration for the next book—they’re ongoing series, after all, so there’s some use to it, and when I finished it, I read another, and that’s how I spent the day.

Tomorrow, I’m getting back to the 25 minutes before I do anything else. Oh, and I have a great idea for a challenge tomorrow. :D