My Current Writing Routine

I’m currently writing in 1.5 hour blocks. The plan is 3 a day, starting at 7, 9, and 11. In actuality, that’s not what’s happening. I started today’s at 9, and I’ll be starting the next two at 11 and 2.

I’m more concerned with word counts than time, but I’m using this to help me gauge where I should be as the morning (or day) progresses. So far, my word counts per hour are worse than ever, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions since I’m working on that novella and my speed could very well be because of the project I’m working on.

At least the novella is moving along. It’s more like a short novel at this point, at a hair under 35,000 words and no end in sight. I’d say it’ll reach novel status before it’s over. Ah well. Can’t win them all. :)

But it’s time to get back to work now, so see ya!