Negative 52 words yesterday

I wrote −52 words yesterday, or better said, I wrote some words and deleted some words and my net loss was 52 words.

I hate it when my word count starts going backward.

I could have done so much better. In defense of my lack of writing, I will say I was distracted for a good part of the day because right before I was supposed to start my first session, I smelled gasoline in the house. I traced it to a leaking gas tank in my lawn mower in the basement, and the only thing I can think happened is that the cold weather did something to it, even though it was in the basement and the basement never got that cold. I mean, my pipes didn’t freeze. But still, I spent a lot of time worrying about that and trying to air out the basement and the rest of the house, and ended up with a headache to boot.

Still, I should have gotten some writing done. I had time. I just chose not to write. :(

Today, I need to make up some lost ground. I have a schedule for completing this book and I don’t want to push past the deadline I’ve set myself unless I have to. Situations like yesterday aren’t troublesome enough to be a legitimate reason for pushing my deadline.

I’m working on treating my deadlines with more respect.