New “finish the book” challenge: day 4

Hours Words Session WPH
1 91 91 91
1 720 629 629
1 847 127 127
1 1187 340 340
1 1025 -162 -162
1 1195 170 170
1 1144 -51 -51

So, a lot closer to 8 hours today, but… nowhere near the progress I needed.

Total: 7 hours, 1,144 words (net SO MANY deletions and rewriting that I don’t even know how much I actually wrote and deleted to day—all I know is it was a lot because what’s left, even thought it’s the same place, same characters, nothing else is the same).

(Update—I did not stop after all, but the extra time didn’t gain me anything. I actually lost more words. I ended the day with 730.)

I do not hate this book, but I’m damned well ready to get past this scene I’m stuck in so I can get on with this story.

It’s all come together okay, now, though, and I’m on the last scene that I have to piece together because of story changes.

I still have no idea what happened with this book, but, as usual, I’m learning something, even if it’s to ignore problems like this in the future and just keep writing. Because I’ll be honest. I have no idea if any of these changes have actually made this a better story. All I know is that I’m about to pull out my hair.