No plan today; just write

Hour 1: 737 words

I didn’t plan this hour, it just happened because I had words that came to me in the shower and had to sit down and get them out right away before I forgot them. Turns out I spent almost exactly an hour doing that. :D (I think I’m about 5,000 words or less away from the end of the book!)

I did a bit of cover design tweaking despite my new rule. I have that stuff on my brain and I just can’t get it out of there. I did stop, though, so I could go eat breakfast, and now I’m back and I’m going to stick to the rule until I’ve hit my word count goal for the day. Which even though I said above “no plan” is actually already planned out. I have that 3,233 daily quota. After that, if I want to get lost in some cover design practice, that’s fine by me as long as I don’t stay up too late again. That can’t happen again for a while. I have too much sleep to catch up on already. I don’t need to add to that.

Now, off to clip my fingernails so I can start hour 2.

I want 1,000 WPH with the next one!

And the next day…

HA! That first session was the last session I wrote during yesterday. I ended with 737 words and spent the rest of the day working on a book cover.

You see, I’m obsessed. :o I had to know if I could create a series of covers from the one I’d partially designed the night before. After an ENTIRE day of it (I finished at 9:30 last night), I succeeded! I have two complete covers now, (one needs a tiny tweak on text color but I really think it turned out very nice) and I’ve cracked the “people” issue. I can now say that if I work at it, I can get a person to look all right on a cover. People have by far been my weakest area. Typography is still up there, but it’s coming along. Buying that font (license) turned out to be a good idea. I’ve used that font for this series of covers and I really like the distinctive, but very crisp and clean, look it gives to the books’ titles.

Anyway, that’s the final word on yesterday. Today is something else. :D