No writing of note, but not a loss

I’ve been working on book covers today. I have two books I’d like to finish in the next two months. (Three, actually, now that I think about it.) And another I’d like to publish that’s already finished. (That short story I mentioned I wanted to copy edit today.)

Although I haven’t written anything today, I did do the copy edit (I still need to input the corrections), and I’ve been working on book covers. I’ve almost completed a paperback cover, and a cover for one of those books I’ll hopefully be writing as soon as I feel better.

It’s nice to know I’ve gotten several things I needed to do out of the way. It will make publishing those books a lot less stressful when the time comes! Cover design frustrates the crap outta me.

Something else that frustrates me: feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing when I have, in fact, accomplished quite a few things.

Here’s what I need to finish ASAP (practicing follow-through). :)

  1. Book cover I’m working on for an unwritten book DONE
  2. Paperback book cover for a book I published more than 6 months ago (ouch) DONE
  3. Paperback formatting for a book I published in the last month STARTED
  4. Paperback book cover for that same book
  5. Book cover for the short piece I copy edited today
  6. Corrections for the copy edited short piece
  7. So much more stuff I’m not going to bother writing down

I don’t like putting off writing to do these things, but if I’m going to be putting off writing anyway, well… might as well get something done.