Not enough sleep means I’m struggling today

I have a stray cat hanging around (mentioned that before, I think) and last night something came up on my deck and scared the cat, or attacked her, I’m really not sure (I’ve seen both a racoon and a possum there within the last two weeks), and I was awakened at 2 a.m. by hissing and things on my deck banging across the wood. Let’s just say I was jolted awake, and by the time I flew down the stairs and made it to the back door, the animals had taken their fight elsewhere but I was wide awake.

This morning she was back at the door crying for me to put food out for her, so whatever it was that happened didn’t leave a lasting impression. I should stop feeding her, but I can’t stand the idea of letting her starve and I won’t do it. But no, I won’t have animals indoors, and no one I know wants a new cat.

Anyway, I’m tired today because I didn’t get back to sleep right away and as usual woke up much too early.

In fact, I feel like I feel when I’ve had about four hours of sleep. Not good.

As a consequence, I’ve been at my computer off and on (mostly on) for more than five hours now and I’ve written nothing. Haven’t even started the first session of the day yet.

And those 1,557 words aren’t going to write themselves, that’s for sure. So this post is really just me trying to warm up enough to get started.

Or maybe I’ll just take a nap.

Yeah. That sounds better.