Not so fast

I had planned to get started writing again today, but I stayed up way too late again last night working on a cover for a second book in my new pen name series. I just wanted to get a feel for how easy or hard it’s going to be to create them. This one has taken a LOT longer to come together for me, but I finally came up with a title that interested me and have gotten a look I like. I’ve spent most of the day so far on that.

Yes, I regret not writing! And not sticking to my schedule! I blame it on weak impulse control caused by lack of sleep. ;)

I AM going to get this out of the way today and do some writing this evening, even if I have to do it half asleep. :)

However, I’ve been thinking of the benefits of putting up the cover on my new pen name’s website and I’ve just about decided it’s worth finishing so I can do that.

Also, I say with feeling that although I understand the concept of ROI, my brain isn’t cooperating with me today. This cover’s never going to be perfect and it’s probably as good as it’s going to get, and yet… I am still at it. Maybe I should give that some thought before I let myself make just one more tweak. ;)