Oh my, I’m having a rough couple of days

I really don’t like holidays that much. They mess up my plans and throw me off my routine and just make life harder in general. I’ve done well with my schedule, but I admit the last two days have only been so-so and tomorrow doesn’t look to be any better.

Still, I’ve written words I wouldn’t have written otherwise (I’m sure of that) and gotten things formatted and covers made and overall just been more productive than I might otherwise have been. I still have a daily average of 1,347 words for May so far, and that’s not bad at all! It’s a bit on the low side, but I’m happy because I have a feeling I’ll do better over the coming week when all these holidays and birthdays are behind me. :D

Right now though I’m a bit stressed. I don’t like company and I’m about to have a houseful in less than forty-five minutes. I guess that means I need to wrap this up and get busy with the stuff I didn’t do because I’ve been writing for the last hour and a half.