One Million Words—Day 34

Today I’m going to try 45 minute writing sessions, at least 5 of them. I want to get my minimum daily count of 2,950 (what I need to reach one million words at year end—976,350 words / 331 days = 2,950) and then maybe get a few extra words in there. I’m not sure 5 sessions will be enough, but that’s what I’m starting with.

It’s 9:08 am and I’m off to get started.

Session #1: 34 minutes, 96 new words. Mostly I got stuck changing up the last page of the last scene I wrote, because something was off, but I don’t know what. I’m still not real happy with it. So, my wph is going to be way down today. I can already say that 5 sessions aren’t going to be nearly enough unless I have a fabulous breakthrough.

Session #2: 24 minutes, 93 new words. Mostly I’m still stuck on the same last page of the same scene, although after adding 189 words total to the page, it’s more like I’m stuck on the last page and a half. Seriously thinking about deleting the entire last two to three pages and starting over. Usually if things are going this slow, that’s about my only choice, because something definitely isn’t working—the hazards of making it up as I go, I guess. :D Ah, well. :D It’s still fun, in a twisted sort of way.

I had a longer than it should’ve been break and now I’m about to start another session.

My next session never really got going, although I did toy with some alternate ideas for the scene. In the end, I came out 1 word down. :D

So, yeah. Not a great writing day! Tomorrow will be better.

*Also I’m tracking my time today for everything and I’m going to keep tracking it for the whole week so I can start really focusing on how much time I’m spending doing things besides writing. I have a feeling it’s going to be an eye-opener and a bit of a slap in the face. :D Ah, well. Time tracking is ridiculous, I know. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

2 thoughts on “One Million Words—Day 34”

  1. Yeah, well…time goals don’t work for me by themselves either. It has to be time-plus-something-specific.

    So: 25 minutes of typing stuff I can’t read as I go because of my silly font, and not letting my fingers sit still for long? Do it four times, with five-minute breaks? I can do that. Write a scene? Too vague; doesn’t work.

    YMMV. Prolly will.

    Off to make myself dictate for 25 minutes without an outline. May end up saying stupid stuff, but the goal is not to allow myself to stop talking. We’ll see how it goes. I have surprisingly little confidence but am going to do it anyway.

    1. What really burns is that some days a schedule works great and hard goals work wonderfully, and then I have days/weeks like this one, where no matter what I tell myself, I can’t focus for longer than a half hour before I’m ready to run away from whatever I have in progress.

      Writing was supposed to be better today. It wasn’t.

      So What’d I do today? Taxes. :D

      I hope the dictation works for you. Sounds like you’re really getting somewhere with it. I sometimes wish I could think fast enough to dictate fiction, but then I remember doing it on my old commute and hating the whole experience. Otherwise, it would be a good option for me. I can talk for hours without shutting up for more than a breath. ;D

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