One more thing done that needed done…

Finally getting some stuff done that’s been needing done for a while. I mean, like five months late stuff.

I finished the paperback formatting of my last novel this morning when I put the finishing touches on the wrap around book cover. Yay!

Unfortunately, I discovered an issue last night after I’d submitted them, so as soon as they’d gone through review, I had to upload the tweaked cover file and submit them for review all over again. But that’s okay. Better now than after I get the proof copy of the paperback!

I put the price on the back cover and I had the price wrong. I didn’t know that until I’d hit the pricing section and realized that because of length, this one was going to need to be $2 higher than my usual. I’m not thrilled with that, but it was $2 or change my formatting, and I like the formatting as is.

So … I tweaked the cover file and resubmitted.

This cover was probably the easiest wrap around cover I’ve done to date. Maybe I really just need more practice. It’s getting easier to do the stuff that’s more technical and less about art (like the front cover—that still gets me every time).