Planning Again

It’s time to restart my planning posts for a bit, probably just until I get settled into another book. First I need to push to finish that novella I’ve had on hold, and then I want to start right into another novel. I’m still working on my major goals: increase my daily word count average and publish more regularly and frequently.

So today I’ll be writing up a planning post as soon as I finish reading my previous novella in the series and what I’ve written of this novella… Hopefully it won’t take too long and I’ll end up with plenty of time to reach today’s quota.

Update: This turned into a no-go kind of day and I don’t exactly have a good reason for that. It feels like procrastination. So, I’m going to try this again tomorrow. But I think I’m going to make the plan now, so I can get up and get right to it without distraction.