Planning for an awesome day

Let’s get this started on the right foot. Or maybe the left, because my right foot has arthritis or something in it after a hiking incident about 6 years ago so it’s not my best foot…

Anyway. :D Today I’m planning to write a significant number of words. 10 sessions. 620 words a session. If I do this, I’ll have created a new record for myself.

#1 (10:00–11:00): 67 words (Whoa. I ended up doing a lot of work on the scene in progress. Not a promising start.)
#2 (11:00–12:00): 207 words (Hell fire. This is not going well. I’m not using 5 minute sessions and maybe that’s a problem, but… I’m going to keep going this way for another hour or two before I give up and make myself use them.)
#3 (2:30–3:30): 417 words (Better, but not great. I lost track of time and ended this hour a bit late. I’m kind of hung up on plot issues, atm.)
#4 (4:30–5:30): 575 words (Better still, but still short. Lost track of time again and ended the hour ten minutes late.)
#5 (5:30–6:30): 526 words (I finally stopped at the right time. It’s 6:31 this time. So 526 for more like half an hour isn’t bad. Maybe I can start making up some time now if I can avoid interruptions.)
#6 (6:30–7:30): 438 words (Well, that didn’t work out. Also, I have snot and dried tears all over my face. It was amazing! I absolutely love writing melodrama. I need a break though, so I’m going to push the rest of my sessions back half an hour.)
#7 (8:30–9:30): 331 words (What happened?)
#8 (10:30–11:30): 645 words (I’m tired. No way I can keep going. I had originally planned to be done by 10. I’m calling it done.)
#9 : canceled
#10 : canceled

I’m going to update as the day goes on with my progress (this is usually motivating for me and I need all the motivation I can get today).

Now, time to get started. :D This is going to be a blast!

Quick update: Yikes! I went from planning to start at 8:30 to starting at 10:00. That’s a big deal considering how tightly I had today planned out. I’m going to have to try to write a bit faster in these early sessions and make up some of that time.

Another update (2:39 pm): Yeah, this is not turning into a great day for this plan, but it is what it is and I’m going to have to do my best to make it work. Now, back to it. I’m going to have to hit some really great numbers in the next few hours. I’m still going to try to keep working in hour chunks instead of 5 minute sessions, but if after a couple more hours my production’s not up, I’m going to have to bail on that plan and start the timer.

Third quick update (4:21 pm): My optimism about the 3:30–4:30 hour has been properly squished. Now that it’s almost 4:30, I’m finally able to pick it back up. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay on track for the rest of the night. The 8:30–9:30 hour could be tricky but I’ll wait on making another adjustment until I get to it.

Fourth update (8:35 pm): So my half hour break stretched to an hour and I’m just now getting back to it. But the rest of the evening should be set. My word count total is a bit of a joke considering how much time I’ve spent writing today. Bummer. 2,230 at the moment, and if my pace doesn’t improve, I won’t make it past 3,700 today. Nowhere near a record. I wrote more than that the day before yesterday, and it didn’t take half as long. There is good news though. I’m almost at the end of this book! I mean, I’m days passed my original personal deadline, but I’m finally almost done. Yay!