Procrastinating, of a sort

I’ve been too busy converting and transferring my ebook collection to and from Calibre to Aldiko on both my Android phone and my Kindle so I can have the majority of my books, regardless of format or retailer, available on whichever device I prefer, to write much this morning … and now afternoon, yikes!

It’s obviously been time consuming. Hopefully worth it though. I’d like to get back to reading a book every couple of days. I need to do more reading both because I love it and because it’s the best way to keep getting better as a writer (combined with practice!) and I have so many books but it seems never what I want when I want because my collection is so scattered.

I have both a Nook and Kindle reader. Then both apps on my phone, along with Aldiko on my phone and my Kindle and Calibre on my laptop.

The one thing I almost always refuse to do though is read on my computer. I hate it. If the book doesn’t make it to one of my devices, it doesn’t get read.

I’m sure there are tons of people with more books than me, but I have 4 bookshelves full downstairs, 2 bankers boxes stuffed to the brim, and 2 bookshelves full upstairs. All my shelves are stuffed and many are double-stacked (one set of books in back and one set in front) and turned whichever way makes it easiest to fit more books.

And I have 796 ebooks in Calibre, not counting those I just deleted because there ain’t no way I’m reading them again, ever.

I’m making it a priority to start working my way through this backlog as quickly as possible, print or ebook, whichever catches my fancy. :D

Goal: read at least 60 of these books by the end of the year. I think I’ll start a reading log page here somewhere to keep up.

UPDATE: Yep. I started a log.