Progress: April 27, Sunday

Was going to call this “Break My Daily Word Count Record—Attempt #15” but I’ve decided to put that on hold until the weekdays. Or more specifically, for days where I feel I can give the effort my undivided attention. Not every day is a good day for going after a record. Today feels like one of those not-so-good days.

This is actually the third post I’ve written today. I scrapped the first two. They’re in Evernote, same as this one, so they’re not gone forever, but I’m just going to ignore them. ;)

That said, I still expect to have a productive writing day. Or I’m making the attempt, anyway.

Or not. Said about nine and a half hours and 45 words later.

6:06 PM: 45
10:15 PM: 506

I think I’ve also decided to post my little progress reports as “status updates” or “asides” instead of full-on posts. :D But yes, this just brings home the point that weekend days are unpredictable.