Progress: May 10–11, Weekend

Not much writing done over the weekend, but like I said a while back, weekends just don’t seem to be good writing days most weeks. This was one of those weeks.

Saturday I made it to 337 pretty early, but then never got back to it.

Sunday I didn’t write a word of fiction although I did write a nice, long note to myself about the coming weekdays and what I need to get done. :D It was boring number crunching so I’m not going to bother repeating any of it here.

My conclusion: I need to pick up some serious speed. :D To get to one million words of fiction in 2014, I’m going to have to start averaging almost 3,900 a day. Since I’m not writing much on the weekends at the moment, that means I’ve got to start having some killer good weekdays. Possible, just not likely if I don’t do something different than I’ve been doing.