Reading Log (2017 edition)

This archived reading log for 2017 is incomplete. Seriously, so incomplete. I don’t even know what happened to 2016. I apparently gave up recording anything, but it is what it is. You can still find the archived 2014 and 2015 reading logs on their respective pages. Not sure why I kept them, but I did. If these old ones bore you, you can always visit the current reading log and be bored there instead. :)

I don’t record everything here, just because sometimes I forget, and sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I like short fiction, and when I get started on it, I can read through ten or twenty stories in a day. And of course, I read voraciously online. I’m not stopping to write that down. :-)

Singletasking by Devora Zack

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Dauntless by Jack Campbell

The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne

Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Sharing Knife: Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Little Dragon by Betty Neels

When They Come for You by James W. Hall

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick