Reading Log (2014 edition)

I archived this in case I ever want to look back at it and started over for the new year on the original reading log.

December 3, 2014—
I feel like this little challenge has done what I wanted it to do, which is get me to pay attention to how many fiction books I’m reading these days. Although I don’t think I’m going to make it to 60 books by the 12/31 deadline (not if I’m going to write as much as I’d like to write before then!) I’m happy to consider this a success even if it’s not a 100% success. I’m probably not going to keep updating the log, now that I’ve gotten what I wanted out of it. :D

I used to be a voracious fiction reader but lately I just don’t seem to be reading as many books as I used to. So—I’ve set a goal to read 60 more books from my backlog* by the end of the year.**

Here’s my log, started May 3, 2014. The link takes you to the related blog post (if there is one).

I’ve started so many books that I haven’t finished since I started this log. I’m more than halfway through many of them, but I have no idea if I’ll ever get back to them because I lost interest. And since they’re unfinished, they’re not on this list. Oh, and of course, I’m still reading nonfiction and it’s not on the list either.

#44 – Friends with Partial Benefits – Luke Young
#43 – Kick – John L. Monk
#42 – Body Games – Jessica Clare (I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I love it. I wish I could articulate why…)
#41 – Trial and Temptation – Ruby Lionsdrake
#40 – Mercenary Instinct – Ruby Lionsdrake
(And again, I think I’ve forgotten something… or several somethings, tbh.)
#39 – A Rake by Any Other Name – Mia Marlowe
#38 – Bedroom Games – Jessica Clare
#37 – Reindeer Games – Jessica Clare
#36 – Ice Games – Jessica Clare
#35 – Playing Games – Jessica Clare
#34 – Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake – Sarah MacLean
#33 – Wicked Games – Jessica Clare
#32 – In Rides Trouble – Julie Ann Walker
(I think I’m forgetting something. I’ll fix it when I remember.)
#31 – Coming Home – M.J. O’Shea
#30 – Houseboat On the Nile – Tinnean
#29 – Any Closer – Mary Calmes
#28 – Acrobat – Mary Calmes
#27 – Steamroller – Mary Calmes
#26 – Dutch Treat – Andrew Gray
#25 – Frog – Mary Calmes
#24 – Again – Mary Calmes
#23 – Cade – Liliana Hart
#22 – Dane – Liliana Hart
#21 – Painted Faces – L.H. Cosway
#20 – To Catch a Spinster – Megan Bryce
#19 – Stardust – Mimi Strong
#18 – Double Full – Kindle Alexander
#17 – Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities – Lyn Gala
#16 – The Mistress – Maya Banks
#15 – When I Met My Duchess – Caroline Linden
#14 – The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright by Tessa Dare
#13 – The Man Who Folded Himself – David Gerrold
#12 – Beginnings and Ends – Suzanne Brockmann
#11 – Paladins of Shannara: Allanon’s Quest – Terry Brooks
#10 – MacRieve – Kresley Cole
#9 – A Talent for War – Jack McDevitt
#8 – Strictly Murder – Lynda Wilcox
#7 – Baring It All – Megan Frampton
#6 – When Tony Met Adam – Suzanne Brockmann
#5 – Patriotic Gestures – Kristine Kathryn Rusch
#4 – Just for You – Rosalind James
#3 – Hounded – Kevin Hearne
#2 – Crying for the Moon – Sarah Madison
#1 – Biceps of Death – David Stukas

When I started this list I was interested to see if I read as widely across genres as I thought. So far, I’d have to say yes. I haven’t gotten to any of the thrillers waiting on me and there’s definitely no horror, but in general, I do think I read a wide variety of genres. What’s in the list? Let’s see. Mystery, paranormal romance, historical romance, contemporary romance, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, male/male romance, gay fiction, and general fiction. That’s quite a bit of variety. I read whatever strikes my fancy. Honestly I’ve also been reading a bit of fan fiction on the side but I don’t count that here.

*Sticking to my backlog has been difficult. Some of these books aren’t from my backlog. Also, some of these books are short stories or novellas instead of novels. I’m okay with that.

**I’m talking about fiction here. I still read quite a few nonfiction books, usually several a month at least.