Restarting is harder than it ought to be

I feel better today. The cough is still a bit annoying but I no longer feel like I’m actually sick.

That means it’s time to get back to work. For real this time. :)

Yes, it’s Sunday. I don’t have an official work week, and I like it that way. :) One day is as good as another to restart and today is the day since I’m no longer sick. In what world does it make sense to take a day off just because of what day it is after having taken six days off already?

It’s funny, but looking back at my daily word count log, I actually wrote more than 1,000 words a day on my two worst sick days. I remember those days. Maybe the fatigue got worse or something as the cold dragged on, because the last six days of the cold, I wrote 0. Or maybe I just gave myself a break. I remember telling myself it was okay to take some time off while I was sick. I have leeway built into my 2015 plan to allow for 30 sick days of 0 words: 3 significant colds/illnesses a year x 10 days each).

Yes, I went that far in thinking out my 2015 plan. I’m great at making plans. I’m terrible at sticking to them. I also have 8 weeks (8×7=56 days) of time off for holidays and school breaks built in, because I recognized that I almost always fall off writing when the kids are on a break. Why not just make it official?

That all assumes I can stick to the plan and actually write the words on all the other days of the year, which hasn’t actually happened. But instead of trying to play catch up, I’m just going to revise the plan for the rest of the year as if the first month and a half of the year doesn’t exist. :D

No catch up! That’s one well shaft I don’t want to fall down this year.

So, off to revise my plan and get started writing. I doubt I’ll be able to finish by 2 pm today since I’m starting the day so late but I’m going to figure something out to get in my words today. It’s a new beginning to the new year. I want to start it off right. :)