Same goals, different day—a do-over for yesterday

Yesterday I didn’t do any of the things I had planned, so I’m giving myself a do-over. Getting started is hard, and when I get started, I don’t plan to stop, so I’m just going to consider yesterday a false start.

Today I will write more than 2,000 words.

Today I will format a paperback and ready it for uploading.

Today I will finish my online Christmas shopping. ;)

Today I will stop making excuses for not writing as much as I say I want to write.

Today I will stop second guessing my writing process and stop wishing I was a faster writer.

Never mind when I say I didn’t do any of the things I had planned, because I did do that last one. I deleted the extra stuff on my spreadsheet that tracked my wph. Not the historical data, just the bits that tracked current day’s sessions: these things.

The first four items were really important though and I failed to do any of them. :o

So, first things first, online Christmas shopping must get done.

Then I will write some.

Then I will format that paperback.

Then I will write some more.

Then I will shop for Christmas party needs and other Christmas gifts.

Then I have no idea what I’ll do because I have no idea if I’ll reach my 2,000 words this morning, this afternoon, or if I’ll still be desperate for writing time. :D